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For this purpose, we decided to rent a big 3-floor house in the center of Prague.And on the busy hour, you will clearly understand that EMA has become a true Prague coffee institution where foodies, bloggers, foreign hipsters and curious travelers mix with the suited-up lawyers getting their caffeine fix on their lunch breaks.

If you want to see them get busy, make sure you book ahead for their Sunday breakfasts.It is also one of the very few cafes in Prague that make money by selling coffee alone and some people swear their batch brew is the best in town, and their cappuccino by Veronika is not far behind.Bitcoin Coffee in Prague - We learn how to use Bitcoin in the Cryptocurrency Coffee Shop.Now that it has been discovered by more people, it is not as serene as it used to be, and can get full quite easily.Getting to EMA on two separate occasions can lead to two different experiences: the espresso bar can get from empty to super busy and back within ten minutes.

Bitcoin-Only Red Bull Vending Machine Goes To Hackers Congress. machine was introduced for the Hackers Congress in Prague,. coffee, and drinks using Bitcoins.But the coffee will satisfy adults and you will easily forgive the fact you are sitting on furniture made of repurposed wooden palettes.This, and the great coffee sourced from some of the best European roasters along with a strong team of baristas, keep us coming back for more.

The place is also conducive to work: very somber and clean design with no distractions, lots of power outlets, strong and clear wifi, good coffee roasted specifically by and for the cafe and the generous distribution of tables in the two rooms make for hours of undisturbed work, interrupted only by new orders of coffee, tea and some snacks and soup.

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Address: Delnicka 43, Prague 7 (nearest stop: Delnicka tram stop).

The fairly small room in the Vinohrady district includes the roasting machine and offers up to seven different roasts as both espresso and filter coffee.

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The BATMTwo Bitcoin ATM is a wall-mounted, unidirectional (one-way.Still, as it stands, this is the only high-end restaurant in Prague that serves specialty coffee.

Vintage is the name of the game here: all the props, the wooden panels and the furniture all seem to have a vintage feel about them, and this extends to the baristas, too: at least some of the men do sport some pretty pimped-out mustaches.And, most importantly, great location: just about five minutes by walk from our humble abode.

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Paralelní Polis - Holešovice - Dělnická 43

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are a popular phenomenon in the Czech Republic and the city of Prague. was required to buy a coffee in.

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Amazing last day of an unbelievable vacation. did the alternative tour of Prague and among other things, visited a collective where.Bitcoin Mentioned In Wizz Air Magazine. Finding this location is not all this difficult, as Bitcoin Coffee is located in Prague, Czech Republic.In addition to Doubleshot coffee and beans by other European roasters, they offer breakfasts, a daily soup, some salads and sandwiches and something sweet.The coffee is based on solid foundations: good machine, good beans and good baristas render consistent results of good quality.

The Bitcoin Coffee Shop is based in the institute of crytoanarchy which also has co-working.They are dark for our tastes, but if you like that, make sure you give them a try.Opening hours: Mo-Th 9-22, Sa 9-18, (somewhat unreliable though).Cheesecakes and other home-made cakes and baked stuff, simple breakfasts.

Recently, a Prague located coffee bar decided to take Bitcoin acceptance to the next level.So the choice is yours, but if you like to enjoy coffee in a sofa, this is one of the few specialty coffee places in Prague that have some.

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The Dos Mundos roasters have made waves when they opened some two years ago, quickly establishing themselves as another alternative to the established roasters on the market.Mostly produce from the Rosaria bakery - good enough for a snack or a light breakfast.Some of the cool spots to get coffee in Prague. Chasing Travel is the experiential travel blog covering local culture,.Mezi zrnky is a small, cute, neighborly bistro and cafe in the Vinohrady district.A nice initiative, to say the least, but several redditors were curious to see what the reaction of new customers will be to the fact that their trusted fiat money is no good there.

Address: Bubenska 1, Prague 7 (nearest stop: Vltavska subway and tram stop).Bitcoin Coffee is sooo easy to write about because they have a theme: they only accept bitcoins to pay for the coffee.Address: Hall no. 8 of the Holesovice Market, Prague 7 (nearest stop: Holesovicka trznice tram stop).

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That is why reservations especially during the rush hours are a must.He gave shape to Parallel Polis during the height of communist domination in Czechoslovakia in the 1970s.Prague food, Prague coffee, Prague pastries, farmers markets.