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Dana Webb I started putting money in at the low 50 or 100 bucks every week, wish Id put in about 5 gran when I had it.All you have to do to join our Energy and Capital investment community is sign up for the daily.And hyperinflation and the dollar collapse will hit the United States like a freight train.This is precisely the problem, it seems the bitcoin only has future as a highly risky asset.

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If anyone controls 50% of mining, they control the public record of bitcoins.You have to think that those mainstream players are fairweather friends that would run from Bitcoin based on its price versus the dollar.Shares Filed Under: Uncategorized indigo 7 Wish I had known about you in 2011.After five straight years of exponential growth, Bitcoin should have earned the benefit of the doubt by now.I meant that creating new currency is a useful tool in fighting recessions.The reversal of this process is EASIEST, if the Fed just lets the treasuries (mature) get repaid, over the next 10 years.But the Greek situation was one where the nation of Greece did NOT have control of their national currency, which amplified all the problems.

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The longer it must hold the Bitcoin before liquidating, the higher its potential cost.And without that replacement it is always a secondary transactional notation.Why do you think the price of gas and groceries has soared 100% in 2 years, yet the value of homes has dropped, while education costs continue to rise.

I raised some hypotheticals about the bitcoin vulnerabilities, but you are more concerned about the vulnerabilities of the dollar to government misuse.I would guess that if the US government was to determine that bitcoins were financing terrorism, they could shut it down.That is because buying the treasuries forces premium higher, reducing interest rates, which due to the fungible nature of treasuries, reduces the demand level.This opinion somehow has gained a lot of acceptance, even though a counter-cyclical policy has been effective quite often.These are dangerous times and we want to help you in any way we can.If merchants were taking Bitcoin, and then paying employees in Bitcoin, the ecosystem and price would strengthen, not weaken.I hoped to prod you into greater endorsement, but it sounds like that is the big thing.To you, Bitcoin is The Internet 2.0. You are a little down because of the Bitcoin price drop, and you just need a little pick-me-up.Of course everything is speculation, as none of us know for sure.

Gox Bot Buying Bubble, and the Chinese market having free reign at an initially unrestricted BTC market.

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My preference is for a currency that is not so easily manipulated by political forces or hedge fund speculators.

SC going to bounce back up. — Siacoin / Bitcoin (POLONIEX

Most financial analysts and commentators have once again missed the boat by dismissing bitcoin.

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There are times when it is in the national self-interest to increase money supply, times to hold it steady, and times to shrink it.I buy all of my computer parts, to build the systems I sell online with, pay a few of my bills that have started accepting bitcoin, buy my groceries at the local store that is now accepting bitcoin, and I pay my one employee with bitcoin.Sounds like you live under a bridge, and charge a toll to its users.I did some short trades with it and made money in the past weeks. 3 days ago I bought in again at 13 euro, now it is at 17.5 euro. These cryptocurrencies together with goldmines are the best things to invest in at the moment.In practice, this is rarely done, but it can be, and it is easily reversible.

It is beneficial to all traders for everyone to know everything about it.He says that bitcoin will end up being bigger that night internet itself and changing our lives more than the. but the contents have to go back to you.

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Your point is that because they approved, the decision was not a bad one.Bitcoin Goes Berserk. Jun. 1, 2017 4. wait around six months and top your position back up.We have clean lakes, well treated lumber, and ect. to the point where houses should be next to nothing to build.

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The bitcoin vs. dollar value does really matter and will no longer matter only when the bitcoin consolidates as a medium of exchange.

A stronger dollar buys more Bitcoin units per dollar than a weaker dollar.

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We are failing to grow enough food to support people but love food franchise companies.I watch my change being counted back to me from a purchase. Bitcoin,.So sure, we outsource jobs and it DOES save internal revenue cost.As the ratio of total value to short term trades increases volatility will drop.How are you going to persuade people to make transactions with bitcoins when it has a significant probability of losing more than 1% of its value in a matter of hours (of course it can also gain such value and that is why it can be very attractive for speculative reasons).Could it be that the bitcoin was in a bubble and that the current price decrease is just a market correction.

But creating new money is not just some print it to pay debt idea.And he makes a good point that merchants are in a position to sell BTC at discounts, as they presumably sold their goods at a profit and can afford to do so.Yet, we revolutionize living with plastics that kill the environment, next.What that really means is that it is inevitable that the price of Bitcoin will go up sometime.

There is that chance, but then I will merely miss out on the chance to make speculative gains.I would add that the real problem was that the government deficit was appropriate policy for a Greek depression, and that was the wrong moment for a loss of lenders for them.How is a debt-based economy going to work long-term when your nation defaults and goes belly-up.I can set it to automatically convert to USD and deposit daily or just keep piling up BC.I dont see old mr burns liking that one bit, thats why our currency is going up.You have no control, they do. Simple. If you cannot grasp this concept then I am not sure why you are on this forum.Go to EvanderSmart.com to get the latest on Evander and the latest Bitcoin news.